Thursday, February 5, 2015

Competition: LambSoc's Lambassador Competition

Hey everyone! Yes that's right, MORE LAMB!! I have won another lamb-based competition, this time from LambSoc (aka The Lamb Appreciation Soceity). I have been posting various lamb recipes (and am continuing to do so) with the hashtag #Lambup, with the hope of becoming a Lambassador. Well, my Keema Matar recipe won me the title of Lambassador, as well as £20, and a kilo of lovely lamb mince. Not only that, but I am now in with the chance of winning the other prizes in the competition- 3rd prize being £100, 2nd prize £200, and first prize being a whopping great holiday to Marrakesh! So fingers crossed!
I thought i'd also show off my lamb delivery and my Baafta trophy! £100 worth of welsh lamb (it looks like theyve delivered me a whole sheep!! my fridge now looks like a butcher's shop window!). Can't believe i actually get a physical trophy too, haha, so cool. Expect a lot of delicious lamb recipes to come over the next month, i'm going to be living off it for a while me-thinks! Baaaaa!

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