Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recipe: The Perfect Antipasti

Antipasti is one of my favourite things, when on holiday, getting a load of items from a local deli and fixing it all up at the villa, or whenever I go to an Italian restaurant- it's often those antipasti platters to share that is the dish that tempts me. To be honest I could order one without anyone to share it with, greedy Mel! This is my favourite combination of cured meats, and a very nice salad to go with it. Good bread is also vital in making this a satisfying meal.

The Perfect Antipasti Plate (serves 1)

120g roast chicken breast, thickly sliced
40g parma ham
40g slices chorizo
40g Milano salami

40g mixed salad
50g roasted butternut squash
30g crumbled goats cheese or feta
1 tbsp toasted pine nuts
1 tbsp salad vinaigrette, homemade or shop bought (balsamic works well)

Good bread, butter, and a tablespoon of your favourite chutney, to serve

1)  Lay out the cured meats in an attractive fashion. Toss the spinach, squash, goats cheese, pine nuts, and dressing together, and serve next to the cured meats. Serve the dish with good bread, butter and chutney. 

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