Friday, April 4, 2014

Product Development: Pieminister Lighter Pies

Hi guys! So between July and November I did a product development work placement at a fab company called Pieminister. They are based in Bristol, but sell a range of delicious gourmet pies all over the UK- in supermarkets (Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose etc.), in local pubs, for private events, and at all the major summer festivals.

It involved the development of a new range of healthy pies- ideal for the summer market and for the increased interest in healthy ready made foods. As well as learning a lot during the placement, I am also currently writing my experiences up into an essay/ presentation for one of my modules for University.

I was very much involved with development of the healthy pastry- which (trying them all last night) I am so unbelievably happy with the end result- absolutely delicious, crisp, and good looking pastry- that keeps it's shape, that's good eaten hot and cold, and that looks scrummy as well as healthy.

Anyway, the three "flavours" that were brought to market in February were "Kooky Chook" (A Thai chicken sweet potato, coconut and chilli pie), "Light as a Feta" (A butternut squash, sundried tomato and feta pie) and "Chickalito" (A chicken, british dry cured ham, courgette and celeriac pie). Every one less than 440 calories! I think my favourite is the Chickalito. They are all being sold in Ocado at the moment so if you fancy giving them a try, I would highly recommend them. I love the fact that something I helped develop are being enjoyed by thousands of people- this is honestly why I  want a future career in product development.

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