Sunday, February 2, 2014

Competition: Take a Break My Favourite Recipes- Recipe of the Month!

As many of you know, I am regularly published in Take a Break My Favourite recipes (I have been contributing since Issue #2, and have been published in 21/ 25 issues!). As well as getting £25 every time you are published, every time you get a recipe published in the mag you have the chance to become the next issues "recipe of the month", winning £500.

Last issue my butternut squash and paneer pakoras were published, and this month, to my utter surprise (I discovered this when I had a look at the mag in the co-op, not realising I was published, let alone won the grand prize, and thusly screamed and scared all the staff!!) I won £500! Thanks to everyone at My Favourite Recipes, which is a fantastic magazine and is growing from strength to strength. This £500 is so important, it should keep me going until I get a job after I graduate (I did tell them I wouldn't be a typical student and spend all the prize money on Sambuca, lol!)

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