Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recipe: Plum, Chilli and Almond Chutney

SO! This year I have been swamped with plums. My parent's new house has delivered the goods (as well as blackberries, blackcurrants and cooking apples), and rather a lot of it- mum's just picked the last lost and i think i have about 7kg here! Not sure i'll be able to preserve all of it, but heres hoping.
Now this is a rather pokey chutney, I must warn you. I think it's because of the hot chilli powder i added- it's this big bag of malaysian chilli powder i got from an Asian shop when i was experimenting with Malay cuisine, and it doesnt half pack a punch. Dad loves this though- the plum, almond and fennel flavours go so well together, and then you get the chilli afterheat. If you are a fiery sort, i reccomend trying this with some chilli cheddar (Somerset Scorcher is a good one to try!)

Plum, Chilli and Almond Chutney  (makes about 1.2kg)
800g plums, stoned and halved
3 white onions, diced
1 red chilli, chopped
1 tbsp fennel seeds
¼ tsp hot chilli powder
1 tsp salt
150g flaked almonds
350ml red wine vinegar
425g caster sugar
1) Put all ingredients together in a large saucepan (or preserving pan), and cook on a high heat for 50 minutes, stirring often.
2) Allow to settle 10 minutes, and then pour into sterilised jars. Allow to cool, and then seal with the lids.

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