Thursday, August 15, 2013

Competition: Cook's United Barbeque Competition!

Yup- another one, this time a BIG BBQ COMPETION! This was's summer barbeque competition, where you entered up to two barbeque recipes, which were then put to the public vote, to see who would come out the winner! My BBQ Chilli Dawgs and Spicy Marinated Chicken Drumsticks were in it to win it, and turns out the drumsticks came out on top! Whey! They are rather scrummy, a rather deserving winner I think!!
The prize was a big barbeque, I believe its full title is "Outback Spectrum 3 Gas BBQ (hooded I think?)". Isn't it rather shiny and lovely ey? The south african boyfriend is happy, shall have to get a Braii going on it some point soon- although the weather is going to have to turn better for us if we want to get this beast burning!


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