Monday, July 29, 2013

Travel- Glastonbury Foodie Review- Day 5/6

In the morning I went around for a bit of a wander, mainly because I fancied a walk but also I figured I would take piccies of some more food stalls for this review and all that. Went round the corner from the astrolabe, just slightly ahead of the showers/ kids field, is “Pilton Pasta”. This stall has been going for yonks, I’ve always seen it every time I’ve been to glasto, it seems to change its location every so often, but it’s menu seems to stay the same- normally about 5 or 6 different flavours of pasta, including tomato and chorizo, pesto and broccoli, carbonara or tomato and veg. Usually pretty cheap and filling, so a good dependable one to go for I reckon.
I didn’t fancy pasta at that point, I really fancied something meaty actually, so went down to a stall near the meeting point (and this van is always in the same location), the “Bath Organic Farm” stall. Here they sold organic beef, lamb and venison burgers- for a very decent price. I went for their festival special, which was a double burger, with bacon, cheese and salad, for £4.50!!! This was, without the shadow of a doubt, the best value meal I’ve ever had at Glastonbury (I went for double venison burgers). It was huge! Almost impossible to eat (I say almost, I just about managed it with my big gob, lol)! The flavours were delicious and intense, you could taste that it was good quality, organic meat, and it was incredibly filling too. After having this, I thought I wished I had tried this place sooner, instead of wasting extortionate amounts of money at some stalls that served a small portion of not-so-good quality food.
I then met up with my parents at the Greenpeace/ Farmer’s market area again- dad was having something he’d been having for his lunches during most of the festival- a big ol’ ploughman’s from the cheesemonger stall in the Farmer’s market. If I remember right it was fairly expensive (£8 or something pricey!) but you did get a large amount of good quality ingredients for this- 3 different local cheeses (a cheddar, a chilli cheese, and a sheeps/mild goats cheese), 3  big hunks of bread, a pot of chutney, a pot of butter, fruit (apples/grapes) and a pot of pickled onions/ gherkins. A hearty vegetarian feast I would say!
On the walk back, on our way to go and see The Proclaimers, dad pointed out this Indian stall, just before you get into the West Holt’s field. Normally me and dad go there a few times during the festival, because it’s really good- but apparently the stall owners have changed (it’s run by young English people now, not Indians) and it’s really rubbish now!  Apparently their chickpea curry (part of their thali special) was rock hard (like they hadn’t soaked the chickpeas enough or something) and their samosas were not nearly as good as they used to be. Such a shame!

Then we went to the Acoustic stage to see The Proclaimers, who were absolutely fantastic!  In the acoustic tent, there hangs the biggest mirror ball in the UK, pretty cool ey?
Steve Winwood was on after The Proclaimers, and I wanted to see him too, so once The Proclaimers had finished and they were getting the stage set-up for the Winwood, I nipped out briefly to get a bite to eat. I decided to check out the “Paellaria” (near the meeting point) which cooked vegetarian paella, and a chicken and chorizo paella in mahoosive pans. I decided to go for the “Bit of both” option (which was only £6 and a very generous portion actually), which was garnished with stewed tomatoes and freshly chopped parsley- and my god this was delicious! Both paellas were really tasty, and had gorgeous different textures within the two separate dishes. The rice really filled me up/set me up for the rest of the evening, so definitely good value for money.  
After Steve Winwood (who was actually a bit crap- his set was really rubbish because it was like 55 minutes of him jamming randomly with his band mates, and then like only 2 of the songs we knew, which is silly because Traffic/ Winwood had so many memorable songs he could have done) me mum and dad went off to see the Stones! Don’t know whether any of you guys saw it on the telly, but it was pretty cool to see them. To be honest, with the crowd being so big, we were fairly far away, so it wasn’t the most amazing experience, but in the end I’m glad I’ve seen them (especially considering they probably won’t be performing- or alive for that matter!- for much longer). In fact my mum said they were much better than when she saw them in their “heyday”, because when she saw them then they were all so drunk/drugged up they could barely stand/pick up their instruments. I suppose nowadays they’re all on different types of drugs- blood pressure pills, arthritis medicine, lol!
After this I went back to my camp and chilled out. Now, I’m guessing you may be expecting another day’s review out of me. Well, after Saturday, and seeing the Stones and all that, I decided I would leave a day earlier (on the Sunday). The main reasons I guess were a) I was missing my boyfriend (aw, what a soppy creature I am!) and b) I was moving house on the Monday, and I was getting increasingly nervous about how much work this would involve. Plus to be honest c) I’d had enough of camping by then, I really don’t like it at all, haha!

However, on Sunday afternoon, once I’d packed up my tent and things, I did have another bite to eat, at a food stall in the West Holts field called “Ghandi’s Flip Flops”- which served vegetarian currys/dahls, thalis, and lassis. I had their mixed vegetable curry, and aubergine and red pepper korma, with rice and a chapatti, and it was very flavourful- if I see them there next year, I will definitely give them another go.
Well, I hope all of you enjoyed my review of Glastonbury Festival, and I hope that in years to come this guidance will help people choose the right food to eat, and that the stalls won’t all move around completely rendering this review not quite as useful! As you can see, there is a plethora of food available at the festival, and even a trained gourmet can find their fill! I hope, if there are fellow Glasto-goers reading this, that you enjoyed this year as much as my mum and I did, and hopefully I will see you there next year!

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