Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel: Glastonbury Foodie Review- Day 2

In the morning I was feeling a little hazy (not hungover really, but if I’ve had a big night drinking I always wake up extra ravenous!!) so went out of backstage theatre circus, past the big top, and near this is the Square Pie Stall- Exactly what I fancied! There are a fair few Pie stalls around Glasto, Square Pie and Pieminister (woop! Working for em now! Lol!- their stall at Glasto is round the corner from the pyramid towards the dance area if I remember right) , but to be honest most of the others are a bit rubbish- I would stick to one of those two. I had the steak and Guinness pie meal today, with mash, gravy and beans- the steak and Guinness was OK, but my mum had their veggie pie from there at one point and it was really flavoursome and delicious, so be brave and go for the veggie one if you have a pie from there- it’s yummier than you may think!
I then went for a bit of a wander round near the Bandstand/market area. A good stall to mention, if crumpets are your thang, is the “Strumpets with Crumpets” stall, who as well as tea, coffee and drinks do crumpets with numerous sweet and savoury toppings, with lashings of butter (of course!).
I decided to get a very nice freshly squeezed juice (carrot, apple, orange, ginger and lime if I remember right) from a stall in between market area going towards the Big Top. I remember speaking to guy making the juice for me, explaining that I was writing a “festival foodie review” for my blog, and after this he said “oh, If you’d have told me that I might have made more of an effort for you!” which was funny, but my juice was not substandard (very tasty in fact) so I don’t think he had “cut any corners” so to speak! This delicious juice also spurred me on to use my juicer more often when I got home!
I then walked up to the stone circle field again to meet up with my mum. On the way there, near the West Holts stage, my mum pointed out an Indian street food stall, doing grilled chicken tikka, lamb tikka and paneer tikka wraps (I think they also had a couple of curries bubbling away too). My mum and dad on several occasions had their paneer tikka wrap, and enjoyed it-but after sampling a mixed paneer chicken wrap myself, I wasn’t overly impressed with the flavours. I also thought, for £7, it was not very big nor very filling, so I suppose I wasn’t as enamoured with the stall as much as my parents were.

Now what I was certainly enamoured with this year was a new edition to the Fest, next to the Greenpeace stage. A new “Farmer’s Market” area has been built, which included an organic fruit and vegetable stall, a cheesemongers, a bakery, a “sparkling soft drinks” stall (which did the nicest ice cold sparkling elderflower drink I’ve ever had!) and a few good food stalls. I thought especially the veg stall was lovely, particularly for those who may be cooking their own food on camp fires/camp stoves at the festival.
I have never bothered doing my own camp cooking at festivals, but I know many who do, and if you are on a budget it is a necessity. I am not going to lie, the food at Glastonbury is very expensive, and I do spend a small fortune on it every year, but since (unlike others) copious amounts of alcohol and drugs are not my main spending point or priority, I don’t mind spending my cash on good food instead.

In the evening I went to an interesting looking Japanese stall, selling noodles and rice and sushi and things. I ordered the chicken katsu with rice, which was unfortunate, as I ended up spending £8 on a very small box of food- that I would definitely not describe a katsu curry (Japanese katsu curry should be breaded chicken breast with curry sauce- take it from someone who knows, an old wagamama chef, lol) and that had been garnished with far too much pickled ginger.
One of my friend’s got a “Malinkeys Takeaway” instead. Malinkeys is one of the only (I think theres another one somewhere but I haven’t found it!) places in Glastonbury where you can sit down to have a posh meal! A proper table indoors, proper cutlery and proper glasses with bottles of wine and ice buckets and everything! The first year it was there (on the corner between market area and Big Top) it was a godsend, absolutely fantastic- last year it was average, and this year (which I will tell you about later in the review) it was diabolically aweful. However, their takeaway stall next to the “restaurant-y bit” was serving lovely big home-made Yorkshire puddings, filled with either sausages, liver (Blegh!) or veg croquettes, with minted new potatoes, vegetables and gravy. You do get a lot of these “sausage and mash” or “full breakfast” in Yorkshire pudding places all over the site, but these one are posh and made properly, with good quality ingredients in them. Fair price, and looked filling I would say.
Because of the late night the previous evening I then decided to have an early one tonight and wake up fresh the next morning.

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