Friday, October 5, 2012

Competition: Cider and Mustard Chicken - Red Tractor Assurance

Hey Guys! So 24th-30th of September was Red Tractor Week, a week where Red Tractor Assured Food standards ingredients were celebrated and shared in events all over the country! With this, Red Tractor have also created a recipe competition, where recipes including as many Red Tractor assured products were used in order to create a delicious dish, and to promote these wonderful good quality ingredients! I have submitted my cider and mustard chicken recipe, made with Red Tractor onions, chicken and somerset cider- Yum! The grand prize is a rather tantalizing set of aga cookware- which I would really love to win, so if you follow the link below, and share it in whichever way you like (adding to favourites, printing, sharing on facebook/twitter/pinterest etc.) that would be brilliant! Thanks guys!

Cider and Mustard Chicken - Red Tractor Assurance

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