Thursday, July 26, 2012

Competition: Tried and's Summer 2012 Recipe Winner!

Hey guys. So just before I went on holiday I won myself another competition- Tried and Tested Recipes Summer recipe competition! I've shared a few recipes on that site hoping to win, and this time my Aloo Matar won it! I won £35 worth of Amazon vouchers, which actually I'm not sure what i'm going to spend it on yet, but i expect it will be put to good use and spent on text books for Uni 2nd year. Or, to be fair, if it comes out before then i'll end up spending it on the next World of Warcraft expansion (lol, i'm such a dork!!).

Tried and Tested recipes is a great site actually, it's American so you have to convert the ounce/cup measurements, but i've tried a few recipes on there (the "fast and easy lime mousse" recipe is luuush!) and they are great. Here is the link to my winners page:

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