Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Circo Bar, Bath

Imagine my surprise when I hear that one of my very good friends, who I worked with a couple of years ago at River Cottage, had become a head chef! First of all, this makes me feel kinda old (we’re both 21 for gawds sake!!) but also I must admit I was a little surprised. Hannah won’t mind me saying that she’s definitely a bit of a hippie. Glastonbury, harem pants, the whole she-bang. The most chilled out, lovely chef (and person in fact) that I have ever worked with. As soon as I found out she had become the head chef of the place I HAD to try this food out. I know Hannah is a great chef, and has similar tastes/ ideas about food as me, so when visiting Circo I pretty much knew already that I’d be getting a damn fine meal.

I only just realised that Circo even did food actually- I have been here before but for late night drinks/ clubbing. Hannah’s menu is simple, but mouth-watering- there are a couple of sharing platters (a meaty or veggie one), a selection of delicious sounding home-made pizzas, a selection of tapas dishes (about eight or so), a few side dishes and a choice of two puddings. Since I suppose I was only going out for a light dinner, before going out for drinkies with mates, I didn’t fancy a whole big pizza to myself- so I ordered a couple of tapas. I ordered the chicken and mango skewers, with tzatziki dip, and the homemade spiced potato wedges with aioli. I also had a couple of cocktails with these- Circo do some very good cocktails, they make a fantastically authentic tasting Cosmopolitan, although in my opinion their margaritas need a bit of work.

The skewers were STUNNING, the chicken was very tender and the mango had gone all beautiful and caramelised from being on the griddle, dipped into some very fresh tzatziki with plenty of fresh coriander garnished over the dish. The wedges (of which was a very generous portion!) were also supremely tasty, with a good Aioli (garlic mayonnaise- was chatting to Hannah afterwards and she said “well theres nothing nicer than a good homemade garlicky mayonnaise is there?” I certainly had to agree with her!). The food was actually very very good value as well, considering the quality of the food and the ingredients, and the fact that she makes everything from scratch. If I remember right, the pizzas are about a tenner and the tapas dishes are around £5 each. So I ended up spending £16 on drinks! (The cocktails there are £8 each, rather expensive I think!) and just £10 on food, which was fantastic value as I’d had such a nice meal and was completely stuffed! The bar staff were all pretty friendly as well actually. I would have to give a 10/10 for food (and that’s not just mate rates- I definitely mean it!) and an 8/10 for service, giving an overall score of 9! If any of you are ever in Bath, you have to check this lovely little cocktail bar/ restaurant out- its fantastic!

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