Thursday, June 14, 2012

Competition: New Covent Garden Soup of the Month: Summer Green Minestrone!

Hey guys! One of the most exciting wins of the last couple of years is having one of my recipes developed and produced by New Covent Garden Soups! This months "Soup of the month" is my "Summer Green Minestrone with Smoked Bacon". The theme of the competition was "Shape up with Soup" and they thought my recipe fitted the bill perfectly- containing lots of healthy green veggies, but with the flavourful addition of smoked bacon.

It's an adaption from a recipe on this website, they had to use white onions instead of red, add some potatoes, and blend it up a bit- so it's not exactly the same as my original recipe, but I had it for my lunch today and i think it tastes great! Infact I think it's one of NCG's best soups actually! Am so happy about the whole thing, and this will look fab on my C.V. when i want to go into food product development after my degree. Look how happy I am, haha!!

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