Monday, May 28, 2012

Recipe: Wild Garlic Butter

I know this is the most simple recipe i've put up on here, but i can't believe up until this year i had never thought of using wild garlic like this! It's actually so much easier to make than normal garlic butter (when you have to bother peeling and dicing dozens of garlic cloves and all that) and i think it's actually much tastier. It also means I can enjoy wild garlic throughout the year, as of course the butter freezes very easily and then lasts for ages. Although the way me and Nick are getting through this stuff it probably isnt going to last us all that long! My favourite ways to use this butter (as mentioned in the recipe) is to make homemade cheesy garlic bread, or to melt it over steamed cabbage/broccoli peas as a side dish. I garnished this dish with some wild garlic flowers but of course this is just for visual effect.

Wild Garlic Butter (makes 825g flavoured butter)

750g salted butter
100g/ 50 wild garlic leaves
25g chopped fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Soften the butter (on the counter or in the microwave). Chop up the wild garlic leaves as fine as you can. Mix into the softened butter and season to taste. This butter can be used immediately (for garlic bread, for cooking with, to have over steaks, or to toss into steamed green vegetables) or can be frozen.

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