Sunday, May 20, 2012

Competition: WWF's Earth Hour Recipe Competition

Hey guys. First of all I thought I would mention how excited I am with how well this blog is going. 36 followers, over 300 posts, and the website getting over 200 hits a day quite regularly! Fabulous- and i just know it will continue to grow from strength to strength. Now guys do you remember over a couple of months ago I mentioned my Butternut squash and goats cheese salad had been shortlisted for WWF's recipe competition? Well, in the end i came in second place(the guy with the ruddy fish recipe won it in the end), but this did not mean i left empty-handed...
WWF sent me a medium Riverford Fruit and Veg box (which was loaaaded with lovely stuff- all the sorts of fruit and veg that we like and cook regularly with so that was great) and bottle of organic prosecco (which admittedly me, nick and one of our friends drank when we were already quite drunk, but we thought this was lush too). So i suppose i would just like to say thank you WWF for shortlisting my recipe and for my runner's up prize. Am i still sore about the fish recipe winning this competition? Um, yes. I think it's ridiculous. Maybe next i'll go and submit a tuna recipe into a dolphin conservation website, ooh or maybe submit a honey recipe to the Vegan website. Same thing as this competition really. Never mind ey?

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