Sunday, May 27, 2012

Competition: Delia Online's "Super Soup" Competition

Hey guys. So i've got another competition to add to my achievments! As part of Christian Aid's Super Soup lunch campaign (which involved people round the U.K making soup and then selling soup to raise money for charity), Delia online asked it's members for their favourite soup recipes. I submitted mine (and my mums!) Minestra recipe, and this recipe as well as four others were chosen to be the winners! I won a new Morphy Richards Slow Cooker and Hand Blender.
I particularly like the hand blender, as although I already have a blender at home, I do not have a food processor- so having the little attachment that comes with it means that i can now make my own breadcrumbs/ curry pastes/pestos very easily, which I couldn't do before. So i'd like to say thanks to Morphy Richards, Delia Online, and of course Christian Aid.

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