Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: The Bengal Brasserie

I know I mentioned these guys on a takeaway review about a couple of weeks ago, but I went for a meal there tonight so I thought I would you guys a more “in depth” review of this place- definitely my favourite Indian restaurant. We were going to celebrate my brother passing his driving theory test, although with our family to be honest there can be any excuse for going for a curry! When we booked they made sure they got us our favourite seat- this booth in the corner (haha, the Booths in the booth, lol!) which is great, because for some reason whenever me and my family go for a meal there, we always end up in absolute hysterics at least a couple of times during the night. Don’t know what It is about the place, but it’s just a really nice relaxed atmosphere.

We had a few poppadums with all the relished whilst we were choosing the rest of our meal- the onion salad they do here is actually REALLY nice, normally I never touch the stuff in most Indian restaurants, but the salad here is delicious. I ordered the vegetable puri for starter, and this was of course fantastic- they do the best veggie puri in the entire world, if you go here you must try this as your starter. Although we did have an issue with the service at this point. My dad ordered the vegetable thali, which is usually a big platter, which also includes 1 onion bhaji and samosa as well, but because he wanted to have his starters with the rest of us, he asked them to serve them as a separate starter. They completely forgot about this and took a while once dad mentioned about it to bring his stuff. And to be honest Michael couldn’t start eating his starter for a while because they had forgotten to bring the yoghurt dip that comes with it. This was the only issue with service the whole night really.

Starters went and the mains came really quickly. I had ordered chicken bhuna, “special rice” (which is just like vegetable rice basically), tarka dahl and a peshwari naan. The chicken bhuna was delicious, as was the rice, but I had a couple of issues with the other dishes. Their tarka dahl could have done with a bit more salt, and in my opinion (although mum thought it was all right) the peshwari naan was over cooked. Didn’t like the naan at all actually, didn’t have nearly enough coconut in it. I mean it was kinda crap compared to the naan I had had in The Mint Room, but then again it was definitely the nicest naan bread I ever had in that restaurant, it would be hard to compete with that. I didn’t finish my main course, probably only ate about ½ of it- and got the rest in a takeaway (to have as tomorrows breakfast, I’m just such a slob, lol!), but the portions there are incredibly generous, and also I wanted to save some room for dessert. I know most Indian restaurants have the same frozen desserts as all the other ones (just like a lot of Italian places have same ones too) but I really like the puddings at The Bengal Brasserie. I had a pistachio kulfi, which tasted mostly of rosewater, but it was very nice and refreshing. The bill came to £84 including tip, which is very reasonable, considering we all had a three course meal with a couple of drinks and loads of side dishes, and there were four of us. It would have been about £8/£9 extra for normal people but me and my brother got student discount off on it (in fact we reckon they discounted a little too much by accident- oops! Lol!). Overall basically if you go for a curry in Bath, or want to take some mates out that are visiting you in Bath, take them to the Bengal Brasserie, it’s a great atmosphere and its fantastic reasonably priced food. I would mark the service at an 8/10, and the food an 8/10 as well (although if it wasn’t for the naan in this occasion, it would be a 9 or 10 for food).

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