Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feature: The Best Takeaways in Bath

Hey guys. As you all know, I do love food, and I do love cooking- but i also love eating in restaurants, and every so often getting a sneaky takeaway! Bath is full of great take aways/ normal restaurants that do take-out, so i thought i would tell you some of my favourites.

First of all there is the chinese category, in which there is just no contest- it's got to be Yummy House. It's situated in Nelson Place East, near Walcot, which is quite far from my place, but that doesnt matter because they deliver for free (if you order over £10 of stuff, which of course I always do!). I've been getting deliveries from there literally since i was eight, and the woman that runs it is really friendly (she always calls me "Miss Boots" on the phone it's adorable). They have a massive menu, including chinese thai and malaysian cuisine, and so much on there is delicious- on the starters the vegetarian spring rolls, chicken noodle soup, and the Yuk Sungs are very good. My favourite main dishes they do are their chicken chow mein, chicken thai green curry and chicken with green peppers in black bean sauce. Their egg fried rice is absolutely delicious too- it sounds basic, but a tasty egg fried rice is important to the whole meal, theres a chinese restaurant on my street that does takeouts as well, but their egg fried rice is rubbish, so i don't really go there as much. When you have a Yummy House meal, i also reccomend that you order a portion of satay sauce. It's not on the actual menu, but i just have to order a large pot of it with my meal because it's sooooo damn good. I'm really worried that they might close one day suddenly, because i just have to get their satay sauce recipe before that ever happened! Their prices are super cheap as well, their number is 01225 463975, and you can have a look at their menu online here: http://www.appetise.com/chinese-takeaway/bath/yummy-house

Next type of takeaway we get to is the mighty indian- awesome curries and melt-in-the-mouth naans, rices and side dishes. My two favourite Indian takeaways in Bath are The Bengal Brasserie (on milsom street) and The Shaad- both of which places are actually my favourite indian restaurants in town also. The bengal brasserie is a bit more convenient if you live in Bath, as it's in the centre of town, and the Shaad is slightly out of town in Weston,but i used to get curries from there a lot because i used to live in Weston and very close to it. Now i've been going to The Bengal Brasserie for years, over a decade at least, and it's always been really good. Some of the delicious items on the menu include THE BEST Vegetetable puri ON EARTH, haha, according to my brother the best chicken pakoras around as well, a really great Vegetarian Thali (that includes starters, mains and side dishes for the very reasonable price of £10.25), great Dhansaks, a good traditional Korma, and the Chicken or lamb saags are great too. Their baltis are particularly delicious also- and they do a big range of them with all sorts of different ingredients. They are very compromising too, always making you whatever you want- you want a dish extra spicy? you want a dish with added mushrooms? You got it! Also what's pretty awesome too is that they do student discount, which is always a plus (: You can check out their menu at http://www.bengalbrasseriebath.com/ and their number is 01225 428773.

The Shaad is also a great takeaway, with a few particular specialities that make me go back there again and again. First of all i reckon they make the best samosas in Bath- their meat ones anyway. Their shami kebab on the starter menu is also GAWJUS. For mains I usually go for a dhansak- although recently their chefs have been making them a bit too spicy for me, so i've been going for either a chicken passanda, or a chicken bhuna- both definitely reccomended. Side dish-wise, i wouldnt go for their parathas, because i don't think theyre all that good, but their naans are great, and vegetable side dish-wise their saag dahl is delicious, as is their sag aloo. I think my boyfriend and some of my family prefer The Bengal Brasserie to the Shaad, because apparently their spicy dishes are very good and VERY HOT, which is the kinda curry they like (not my cuppa tea so i couldn't judge). Their menu is available at http://www.shaadrestaurant.co.uk/index.html and you can order a takeaway on 01225 444940.

To be fair, a chinese or an indian are the usual takeaways I tend to frequent, but i thought i would give a shout out to a few of the other "genres" of takeaways cuisine. I reckon the best burger (and particularly veggie burger) can be found at Schwartz Bros' Gourmet takeaway. Theres two in Bath- one in Walcot street and one in Sawclose, and they are both great, i usually get a veggie-cheese burger and some onion rings and both are really good quality. I'm not a huge fan of their milkshakes, but their fries are good too though. They also have a couple of places in Bristol as well i think?

As far as i'm concerned- there are two main kebab houses in town- Marmaris, on newmarket row, and then theres another one (not sure what it's even called?) up near where Wagamamas is- anyway, who cares about that one, Marmaris is definitely the place to go. It's run by turkish people, and actually has a seat-in restaurant too serving traditional turkish food as well as kebabs (although i've never eaten in the restaurant, i've always just got a takeout kebab). Their Donner is great, but i had i think it was called a "Shwarma" kebab or something (it was lamb i think?) last time i went therw and this was delicious too. Always ask for hummus in your kebab, or on the side, because their hummus is THE BOSS. Gotta tell you though, dont bother getting chips with your kebabs, their chips were soggy and terrible! I guess chinese has already been covered- but Thai hasn't yet- i have got a takeaway from Mai Thai (which i have reviewed on this blog) a few times now, and they have been absolutely great, when you go in there they are really friendly, and they get your takeaway made SO QUICKLY, literally i'll order a few things and they get it done in 5 minutes, even if there are still people in the restaurant, it's great service. A bit more price-y than chinese/indian takeaways but still very nice.

The last typical takeaway (that i can think of anyway!) is pizza- i must admit i rarely get pizza delivered/ go out and get pizza. My boyfriend gets Dominoes Pizza every so often, and they are allright i guess, they'll do, y'know? If i get a Dominoes I usually get a thin base, extra mozzarella, ham, pineapple and mushroom pizza, yum! But even though some of the restaurants around offer pizza takeaway services (I know Pizza Express, Strada and Bottelinos do I think) I wouldn't normally get one, because you know by the time you got it home that it would have gotten really cold! Although actually theres a new pizza delivery service that's opened up REALLY near me and it looks like it might be nice actually, called Avelino's, the menu sounds great. So watch this space i suppose!

Hope this guide was useful, that if any of you stay with mates in the Bath area, you'll know where to go when you all fancy getting a takeaway and a having few beers at home!


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