Saturday, March 3, 2012

Competition: WWF's Earth Hour Recipe Competition

Hey guys. So i've got a recipe competition on the go at the moment, and i'd love it if you guys could vote for it. There are four entries, mine is the Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Salad Recipe- and i'm lagging last in the votes at the moment! 1st place gets a large riverford box, bottle of prosecco and loads of cookbooks, and 2nd place gets a medium riverford box. There is a certain amount of eagerness to win this too, because i think it is absolutely inappropriate that there is a fish recipe up for votes in this comp (which is currently winning atm). It is held by the WWF, who are an animal rights group, and it supposed to be a competition promoting ecological conservation- How can they allow an unsustainable fish recipe, when over-fishinbg of our oceans is one of the most biggest ecological concerns going right now??

And also, this lazy guy, with the plaice recipe, also submitted THE EXACT same recipe into another competition, which i expect he will win because he's got the voting power behind him. It's lazy and disgusting. So, anyway, rant over, promise, lol! Go to this link, and vote for my Butternut Squash and Goats cheese salad recipe, that would be FAB!


  1. Hi Mel,

    I commented on the WWF site, the answers of Paul Robinson are fair, but
    not really applicable to plaice I think. On the good fish guide UK

    plaice is in category 4 "should not be regarded as sustainable". I put this in a reply to Paul Robinson, but the remarks are now being moderated so I doubt this will come up on the WWF site.

  2. Hey Margaret,

    Thanks very much, yeah i think his response is pretty half-hearted, i mean, i just recently watched a program by Horizon about how much over fishing (of any variety) is ruining our oceans/ planet, and if we keep fishing at the same rate its going to cause really bad ecological consequences. I just think a site about the protection of animals shouldn't have it- because *fish have feelings too* (sounds silly, but it's true, they do feel pain as well, theyve proven it).

    And also i mentioned he's put the exact same recipe into another competition, which he'll probably win as well. I don't really like these voting competitions, because it's always judged on how many mates you've got that'll vote for you, rather than how good/nice your recipe is.

    Anyway, cheers for this, i told them a lot of people would have concerns with having a fish recipe here and i reckon i'm right (:

  3. My friend wrote a good blog post about recipe/voting comps at:

    I campaign hard for voting comps to be stopped at - they're a joke! I'm very disappointed that the fish recipe won.

  4. Hey Di, yeah i know, these voting comps are so Irritating. I mean, i understand why these companies do it- to get more publicity, and on facebook to get more "likes" because people have to like the page in order to vote. It makes sense really- why would they want to essentially give away things for free if they werent going to get anything out of it?

    But at the same time it's not really fair on the competitors, because as we know, it's not based on the quality/ inventiveness/ "nice"ness (lol) of the recipes, its just down to how many mates you have.

    Recognise your name actually- your another recipe competition "do-er" as well arent you? In the end i cant complain, i have won/ been runner up in a lot of these things, but i have managed all of them (i hope this doesnt sound vain) through talent- through having nice recipes, and taking nice photos of them.

    Sometimes i dont mind those "half voted" ones. Basically like the top ten voted ones then get judged by a panel. Half of me doesnt mind that, because it means i dont have to be top, but as long as i get in that top ten, my recipe will be assessed properly.

    Nice to hear from you, and completely agree.

    Mel xxx