Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Published: Take a Break My Favourite Recipes Magazine

Hey guys. You know i mentioned a couple of months back about the fact that i might be published in this magazine?? Well, i have been, twice now infact, and have now become a regular contributor! Well, i have at least been published in the past two issues, and know for a fact that i will be published in at least the next two issues, so that all sounds very positive to me. This is a national magazine as well so this is very good news.

Take a Break's My Favourite Recipe magazine is a little recipe magazine, that uses only readers recipes- no professional chefs. Also, for every recipe you get published, you are paid £25, and every "cook's tip" you get published, you are paid £5. I have got my Black bean chilli, Red onion, goats cheese and red pepper tart (they named it "Cheesy Tart"- lol) and my Chickpea and Mushroom rissoles published so far, as well as one of my cook's tips. I also won a £50 prize from them early on when i joined their facebook page, and also have a cookbook on the way as well! It works out as £130 + a cookbook so far, not bad earnings ey??? Plus every issue, if you are published you get the chance to win £500 as well, but i'll never win that one though because it's one of those voting things- its not about how nice your recipe is, just how many of your mates can be bothered to vote for you.

I'll be giving you a shout once i've had a few more recipes published in this mag- this is brilliant publicity for me as a food writer!


  1. Hi I bought a take a break magazine in February with a recipe for beef in black bean sauce but seems like iv thrown it, can you help me pls

  2. My many recipes have been published in this little magazine and I also won £500 for one of my recipes. I want to publish a cookery book, what I need to do? Can I a get any support from Take a Break magazine?