Sunday, September 25, 2011

Competition: "Haute Cuisine Love Marmite" Recipe Competition- Runner Up!

Heya everyone. So a few months ago I mentioned that i had entered Marmite's "Haute Cuisine, Love Marmite" Facebook recipe competition, and after entering two of my recipes (i think the one that won it was my "Marmitey Venison Casserole"- like my venison casserole on the website, just using marmite stock instead of beef stock) , and having a fair few votes for them, i have won one of the runner's up prizes!

I won a pair of Marmite Oven Gloves, and a month's supply of Marmite! (I did wonder how much "a months supply" of Marmite actually was, but i won 3 x 500g jars, which I reckon is a fair amount). This is a picture from another runner's up prizes, just like mine I guess, but i got 3 larger jars rather than 6 smaller ones.

So yeah, thank you Marmite! I think your campaign to prove that you can do many other things with marmite, other than having it on toast, was a success- well done!

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