Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recipe: Damson Jam

Not sure whether you can even call this a recipe, but after making a few recipes using different amounts of damsons/sugar/water, with different times of cooking, I think i've got this pretty darn nailed. Takes a very very long time to get two kilograms of stoned damsons (about 1hr and a half/ two hours) but it's worth it- they make a very tasty pretty looking jam. The only weird thing i found with damsons is that unlike other fruit, when I jam them, they produce a copious amount of pink foam/scum, that you have to skim off before you pot it. I'm not really sure why- maybe plums do this as well? Anyway, wish i had some more of them really, only made a couple of presentable batches (after a few practices) and i've only got 5 jars left!

Damson Jam (makes 10 jars)

2kg stoned damsons
1800g sugar
800ml water

1. Boil everything in a large pan for around 1 hour 15 minutes. Be sure to watch it constantly, to avoid boiling over.
2. 15 minutes before potting, start spooning as much of the pink scum off the surface of the jam, removing as little of the liquid along with it as possible.
3. Remove from the boil and pot.

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