Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Published: Tweet Pie Recipe Book

Yes my lovelies- i am finally a proper published writer!!! O.K so it's only a little (very little- entitled "the shortest recipe book in the world!") charity recipe book, but it's a start. Tweet Pie is a collection of "twecipes" (twitter recipes- recipes written in less than 140 characters) created by the british cookware company Belling, and proceeds of which going to the charity FoodAid, which uses leftover food from massive supermarkets to feed the poor and needy in London. I won a Baby Belling oven from this competition too earlier in the year too.

Two of my twecipes were published, one is a shortened version of my coriander pesto with tagliatelli recipe (which is on this site): "Coriander Pesto-Blend 50g fresh coriander+50g toasted pine nuts+100ml xtra virgin olive oil+1tsp lemon juice+50g feta+ s+p.Stir into pasta"

And the other is a Pimms recipe "Mix 200ml Pimms No1+800ml lemonade.Add 100g sliced strawberries, nectarine,orange,lemon,cucumber+handful fresh mint. Serve."

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