Thursday, August 18, 2011

Competition: Mission's "Best of British Wrap" Caterer's Competition

Hello everyone, this has been the biggest win out of the competitions so far! I entered this competition, held by Mission Food Services (who make tortilla wraps, naan bread, nachos, those sort of things) to find a great "british wrap recipe". This wasnt open to the general public I suppose, because you had to be in the catering industry to enter (I enetered as Chef De Partie at my new job- The Cosy Club), and i entered my "Chicken, Cheddar and Sweet Chilli Tortillas" (recipe on this site) using good quality british chicken and cheddar, sweet chilli sauce made locally by "The Wiltshire Chilli Farm" and homegrown coriander.

Well, it all came up roses for me, because i won £250 worth of Waitrose Vouchers!!! Amazing!!!! And anyone that knows me knows how much i love Waitrose, it is my favourite supermarket no question.

Well, i'm off to buy loads of posh food, lol! Oh yeah, not only did the vouchers arrive today in the post, but i also found out my A level results too: 2 Bs and a C Baby! I'm going to Uni!!!!

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