Saturday, August 27, 2011

Competition: Good To Know's Strawberry Recipe Competition

Hey guys. So I entered this recipe competition about a month ago, which was held by recipe Magazine/ website "Good To Know" to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, and I was one of the runners up! The only rules were that it had to be a sweet dish, and that it had to contain strawberries. There was 1 winner and 4 runners up, and my goodness, the standard of the entries that were sent in were phenomeonal!!! That's why i'm kinda proud that I even got a runner up prize actually, because although i've only won a recipe book, most of the other entries in this competition look absolutely stunning- literally as if they were created by professional food photgraphers.

The winner (winning a rather scrumptious looking set of Le Creuset bakeware- jealous muchly!) was Lucy Clark's "Strawberry Cupshakes". Funky looking isn't it?

The runners up are here, and my one is the one on the bottom right and displayed in a larger picture below- my "Strawberry, pistachio and custard tart" (recipe on site). In my opinion, my dish doesnt look nearly as nice or professional as some of the entries that werent chosen- but I reckon my recipe and a few of the others were chosen because they were a little bit unique. We used some quite interesting flavour combinations, like my combination of strawberries and pistachios, or one of the other's ideas of combining strawberries and basil. Slightly unusual I guess, so they stood out a bit more.

Anyway, so I won a copy of the new book "Bake and Decorate" by Fiona Cairns (who is the same woman who made the cake for "The Royal Wedding") and it looks very nice! Ok Ok, so most of the decoration section is completely beyond me, but there are some very nice, tasty looking, simple baked dishes for me to have a go at some point.

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