Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Competition: "Haute Cuisine Love Marmite" Recipe Competition

Yes, another one of these competitions! I do think that these competitions where you have to vote for your favourite dishes are slightly flawed. Because when the competition is based purely on numbers, it isn't about how good the dish or the picture or the recipe is, it's just about how many people you know that can be bothered to vote for you. Anyway, so this is a new competition Marmite have started (i think you might have seen the adverts of TV perhaps, with the cartoon Frog and Snail chatting about food?) in order to display interesting ways of using marmite in recipes- not just spreading it on toast!

I think i agree with them really, Marmite is actually quite a versatile food stuff. It's very good to make something "more savoury"- like with onions and sausages and things (The sites "featured recipe" is sausage, onion and marmite butties. People can make this, take a nice picture, and enter into the competition. You like, have a choice between making your own recipe or their featured one). It's also good at making vegetarian dishes somehow taste a bit "meaty", or to enrich stews and casseroles.

I have entered a Venison, Red Wine, and Marmite casserole recipe, and at the moment it has only got a few votes, and it would be fabulous if a few of you could up the stakes a bit! If you could go onto this link, (you have to "Like" marmite on facebook in order to vote) and vote for my recipe, that would be brilliant, thanks very much.

Wish me luck!!

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