Monday, May 23, 2011

Competition: Belling and "Tweet Pie" Twecipe Competition

I think the best way to explain this is to just repeat what the Belling website said on the opening of this competition:

"To mark the launch of Baby Belling Black 121R (small, compact and perfectly formed) we are creating the world’s shortest recipe book (small, compact and perfectly formed) and asking you to help us fill it.

All you need to do is share your favourite recipes but in just 140 characters (also known as twecipes). We’ll pick the best ones to be included in a recipe book which will be sold on behalf of charity, FoodCycle. We’ll also be giving away a Baby Belling Black 121R to ten lucky entrants."

So basically, about a month ago, i created and sent in a few (o.k.....13) "twecipes" (recipes that are written in less than 140 characters) into this Belling competition. Most of the twecipes I wrote have been adapted from my recipes here infact- for example, this is basically my Venison stew, but in mini-format!-

"Venison Stew-Fry 1 onion,250g diced venison,s+p in oil for 10min.Add 150ml red wine,200g tind tomatoes,½ tsp thyme,200ml stock+cook 1hr.Srv"

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago Belling did a lucky dip prize draw from all the people that sent in their twecipes, and i was one of the very very lucky people to win! As mentioned before, I have won a black "Baby Belling 121R"! It is utterly adorable- dont you think? I may have need of this when I eventually leave home and move into some miniscule studio apartment!

And soon, I will find out whether any of my twecipes will be published in their book, which will be great, because it's for charity and all that- and to be fair i'd love to see my name in print!

So yeah, cheers Belling, and watch this space for more news about the book!!!

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