Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Competition: Delia Online + New Zealand Lamb Competition

Hey y'all! So I entered a New Zealand Lamb and Delia Online recipe competition, and I was shortlisted! When I got shortlisted, I won a shiny new panasonic camera, and I had to video myself making my recipe. My recipe is the 'Spiced New Zealand Lamb and Fruity Wild Rice Salad'- a recipe I have on this site. Now, mine and two other peoples recipes, are vying to win a new Neff Oven- which, lets face it, as a poor poor student, I could really do with!

If you all could vote for my recipe, it could really help. I really really want to win this, especially since all of that "Linda Mccartney Bollocks"- which seriously, dont get me started on, my parents almost got into legal action with em.

Anyway, if you could go onto this link and vote for me, it would really help, thanks V V V much- Mel wants to win!!!!.......again.....

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