Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel: New York Days One & Two

Hello everyone! So i'm back from The Big Apple and I had SUCH a lovely time! I thought I would tell you guys what I got up to, and show y'all a few snaps that I took out there.

So the first day kinda blended into the second day, because of the long flight and the time difference. I had to wake up at 1am, to be at my college at 2am, to get to Heathrow airport by 7am. Gawd I was SO dead to the world- until I had this luuush breakfast. In Heathrow airport, there is this lush little place called "Eat.", and they serve loads of normal breakfast and lunch things, like croissants and sandwiches, but they also do loads of asian type foods, like noodle salads and sushi. Me being the noodle obsessed girl that i am, even though it wasn't even 8am yet, i started my morning with a "Chicken Pho" and a skinny latte. All you had to do was get this pot from the fridge, which contained cooked chicken, noodles, vegetables and fresh chilli, bring it to the counter and then they would add a hot fragrant broth and some more chilli sauce. Was sooo nice and really woke me up, ready for the scarily early flight.

The flight was allright, i mean it was fairly long (about 7 1/2 hours i think) but we had a screen to watch films/ tv shows on, and occasional food breaks. There was this really nice air steward, he reminded me totally of an older Robert Mitchum, like same accent and friendly face. He seemed to like me for some reason, because he kept calling me "cookie" (which is what my boss at the garden centre calls me as well, weird right?) and when the breakfasts came round for like no reason he saved me the last pancake meal. That was sweet of him, because the other option was omlette and that looked fairly gross/anaemic.

So we got to the hotel, we were staying at The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel, which was a nice basic hotel, that was very central so it was useful when trying to figure my way around the city. Look, whilst we were checking in, two cookie monsters strolled past! The three girls on the right are the girls i ended up sharing a room with- Ceeva, Charlia and Lucia. It was really nice because despite all of them only being 16, they were fairly chilled out, good fun, and 'normal'. A lot of the other students on the trip were, to be honest, acting like screaming children.

First stop was central park, the south of which was very close to our hotel. Our tutors went on one of those horse-drawn carriage rides around the park, whilst I just walked around a bit of it. To be fair i would have gone on one of the carriages, but it was $50 for 20 minutes, which is worth it if you are a group of four, but a little pricey if you do it on your own.

Didn't see much of central park i guess (but it is HUGE, it's like over 80 acres I think...) but after about 45 minutes walking around it i was STARVING, so i popped into a nearby deli, and had a "Pastrami on Rye"!!! Officially I had pastrami, mustard and pickle on rye bread (although it isn't what we think of as "rye bread"- its all white and soft.) from a lovely place called "Angelos' Deli". It was so darn tasty, and HUGE as well, there was 10 times more filling than there was bread! A bit of a scooby doo sandwich.

There have been loads of movies filmed in parts of central park, I think you should probably recognise the ball park in Central Park, which has been in LOADS of films, and this bridge here? Loads as well, but the most recent one i guess would be Cloverfield, where near the end the couple are sheltering underneath that bridge in loads of rubble.

After central park we relaxed a bit at the hotel, got settled into our rooms, and washed the "travel" out, we all headed out to get pictures of all the tall buildings and shiny lights of Times Square. It is really hard to get in photos
1. How tall all the buildings are. I mean, imagine being in the centre of London, then triple the height of all the buildings. It's only then that you get even vaguely close to being in New York.
2. How bright all these adverts and things are. Everywhere in Times Square is so bright it's really weird, it is so bright it almost feels like a weird type of daylight.

I then went with my friends to The Hard Rock Cafe- I know it's a little tourist-y, but the vibes were pretty cool, and as a group of eight of us we had a really good time. Wish I could have had a beer though, but with me being only 20, and being surrounded by 16/17 year olds, I couldn't get away with it. They are really strict about booze out there, its not like in England where I have been drinking in pubs practically since I was 15. I had an apparently "world famous burger", the bbq bacon and cheese one, and it was allright i guess. Not "world famous" though, adverage I would say. The meal was fun anyway, and I got to know some of the people that were on the trip with me a little better. Heres a picture of some costumes they had there are the cafe, these were worn by The Beatles.

OMG i almost forgot to say, me and my friends "Papped" Paris Hilton!!!!! It was on our way back to the hotel, and we noticed there were about 10 guys with fancy big cameras, waiting outside the exit of a shop for something/someone. Despite these photographers telling everyone to "buzz off", we stuck around, and soon enough, Paris Hilton came down the escalator, and everyone was going "Here, Here, Paris over here! Give us a smile". I was wrestling with these paparazzi, look i actually got quite a good photo of her!!!

I don't really even like her much, i think she's a bit of a (coining a South Park phrase) stupid spoiled whore really, but she seemed to be dressed a bit more classier than her usual skimpy pink attire. But still, we thought it was a bit fun to have a bit of a paparazzi moment in NYC. After all of this we were of course, absolutely KNACKERED. So we all dropped off to sleep and slept like a rock- ready for all the excitement the next day.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time Chef Mel.

    Enjoying your blog and recipes as always!

  2. Thanks very much Katy, shall post up about all of the holiday over the next few days, it's just taking ages sorting out all my photos- i took hundreds of em!!