Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feature: Foodie Christmas Presents 2010

I thought i would share with you all of my foodie presents that I got from my friends and family this year, and also the foodie presents I gave as well.

Plenty of nice little things from my parents. I got a Bialetti "Venus" Espresso stovetop espresso pot. They are very easy to use and clean, you just put coffee grounds into a little pot, pour some water into the bottom of the jug. Heat up on the hob, and in a few minutes you have your coffee! We have one at home, but this is one for me to take to my boyfriend's. Nick doesn't drink tea or coffee- something I completely cannot comprehend- I don't know how he doesn't just fall asleep by midday! Very strange! With this espresso machine mum also gave me some Illy coffee grounds, and this cute little assortment of flavoured syrups- to make things like vanilla lattes, caramel cappucinos- whatever I fancy!

My boyfriend's mum got me a SIGNED copy of Nigella's new cookery book- "Kitchen". That is so cool- the recipes in it are very delectable looking as well. Portion sizes are a bit off though- but i guess you have to expect that from Nigella. She is an utterly beautiful- but quite large lady.

My friend Ralph got me this big chunky book called "1001 foods to eat before you die". I have three other books in that series- 1001 books, 1001 films and my dad has 1001 albums. The book is fascinating, including lists and beautiful pictures of (in many cases) very obscure and strange looking fruits, vegetables and foreign delecacies. Will be looking forward to ticking them all off, as i travel to more exotic climbs during my life (fingers crossed!).

For my friends, i gave them all a bottle of homemade blackberry brandy (V easy to make, just marinade blackberries and sugar in brandy in a big kilner jar for a couple of months. Strain, bottle and drink!), and a jar of crabapple and rosemary jelly. You see, I had made all my Christmas presents during autumn and stored them- so no panicked rushes to the shops Xmas eve!

I gave to my boyfriend's brothers family (to have with the Christmas meal) a jar of my apple, onion and sultana chutney (recipe on site) a batch of homemade oat biscuits, and a heart shaped truckle of Godminster Cheddar.

And last but CERTAINLY not least- the present my mum gave to me, to use at Nick's place (so it was kinda a present for both of us). It is an orange Le Cruset casserole pot!!!! I finally feel like an adult, i have a Le Creuset dish all of my own! We have a few at home but i dunno, this is different. This is a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment that is MINE. That i can make scrummy Bourginoun and Chasseurs in. Yummmm. Happy. Isn't it pretty??? A 20 year old should definitely not get THIS excited about a casserole pot, haha!

So as you can see, I had a wonderful foodie Christmas, and I hope you did too!! I intend to make 2011 an even scrummier year- for one and all!

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