Sunday, May 2, 2010

Travel: Nice- Day Six

Going Home Day, yaaay! We thanked Holly for her hospitality, and then I had the most LUSH croissant in the world ever for breakfast. Home made croissants in this nice little cafĂ©. Typical French breakfast, and not too expensive. There was this breakfast deal thing, here you choose a croissant or bread with butter and jam, or an omelette, then choose tea or coffee, then choose orange juice or grapefruit juice. I had a croissant, with coffee and some orange juice. I also ended up drinking Nick’s tea- him not drinking tea or coffee. Which is so weird don’t you think? I don’t know what he does for his caffeine needs. He doesn’t even drink coca cola either. And he’s a man from Yorkshire! I expected him to be a proper tea addict.

So I can’t really remember, I think we got a metro train from the stop near Holly’s, then got a train from Paris to Caen, then a bus from Caen to the harbour. Heres me with my new lovely French top, and here is the image of SALVATION! Oh Brittany ferries how you have saved us! (You know what is so amazingly weird, when Nick got back to his place, there was a flyer for Brittany ferries in front of his door, how weird is that?)

Ferry took ages. Food was fairly good on there though, surprisingly enough for “mode-of-transport” food. We were there for 4-5 hours I think. For dinner we had steak with dauphinoise potatoes, and for dessert a fruit tart. Was absolutely scrummy. And even though it was canteen food, the steaks were medium rare- because they cooked them on something that looked like a biiiig breville toaster. You see, so easy! Just chucking a piece of meat on there for a few minutes and you’ve got good steak. Canteens can be good, but in England we decided we deliberately wanted to make it crap, with microwave chips and undercooked fried eggs. Mind you I worked in a really good canteen once for work experience whilst I was at college- a Wessex Water one. The food was really good there, especially the baking.

Shouldn’t be slagging off English canteens really, considering I work at River Cottage ‘Canteen’ in Bath. Though I’ve never known why they call it canteen. It’s just not a canteen. “Canteen” to me means hairnets and things in big bain-maries and overcooked vegetables. We serve Fab food at River Cottage (not just blatant advertising, I do love the food there. It’s nice when you like the food where you work- it sucked when I worked at that seafood place).

Heres a funny picture Nick took on the ferry. I like it cause it shows two people crashed out, a couple cuddling, then some old dear knitting. A funny combination.

Near the end of our trip I went outside for a smoke, and I saw something so funny, there was a bunch of young really drunk Scottish people, and I could see why. On the table next to them was a really posh looking big square glass bottle of whisky on the table. I reckon they must have just gone through the whole thing on the journey. Maybe even bought it at the duty-free and just thought “f*** it, we’re stuck on this thing for the next 5 hours, lets just get pissed!”. Heres a view of another ferry coming into Portsmouth too. Pretty looking.

Even getting off the ferry was weird. When we got off, we could hear bagpipes playing. Have any of you seen the Donald Sutherland (ooh…yum, Nick thinks its weird that I fancy him but I so totally do) version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Well this was just IDENTICAL to that scene where Donald Sutherland (forgot his character name) goes to the harbour to try and get on a ferry, then he hears bagpipe music and suddenly thinks “Yes! There are some real people out there!” but then it turns out it’s coming from a speaker, and then he looks up at this massive ferry and pods are being lifted on to there. It’s like the major scene when he realises he can’t escape and that the pod-people everywhere. It was so weird though, I basically LIVED that scene, it was dark, like it was then, there was a massive ferry in front of me AND there were the bagpipes going on (for a reason I still can’t figure out). This is all super weird, considering I am studying this film as part of my Film Studies a level.

So we though that was the end of it, getting off the ferry and we could just walk straight through. Nope, we had to queue for an hour at passport control. Cause recently they have got much more stricter, because of terrorists I expect. Again, we thought we were in a bad situation, until the line got MUCH longer and we realise we were much luckier. The guys from the other ferry got off as well (for some reason they were much chavvier/rowdier/drunker than our crowd. Wonder if they were coming from somewhere else?) and were asked to wait and then queue behind the people from our ferry but they started getting annoyed with that and it was starting to get a bit scary with arguments and pushing and stuff. It was quite scary, felt sorry for the security people in high vis that had to really try and keep some order.

So Dad picked us up, and soon enough Nick was at his place and I was at home.

Well it was an adventure, that’s for sure, will never forget it! Wasn’t 100% impressed about the food we had on holiday- I have mentioned a couple of nice meals, but a lot of the food was fairly mediocre. I love French food, and the French act like they are the culinary centre of the world- Which in a way they are, because at catering college you learn the French way- but seriously, it is hard to find good French food in France! Unlike in Italy. Every meal I have had in Italy have been fantastic- can’t remember ever having bad food there. Overall I think it is easier to find a good meal in Italy, because the general standards are higher- a place doesn’t have to be Michelin star or rosette to be good, like in France. So, me and Nick are pretty sure Rome will be the next place on the cards- though that will be in a while- Our summer holiday (Glastonbury Music Festival) is next up.

Lovely to share my experiences with you x

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